G Fadez Bio

Born and Raised native of Dallas, TX. 
G Fadez strives for success in the form of customer satisfaction and loyalty. His empowerment is fueled by life's adversities many of us face. While misfortune will tend to break most, he’s used it to rebuild and redirect his life's mission.

G Fadez says, "I want to give every customer who sits in my chair, the feeling of confidence and happiness that I feel when looking in the mirror after a fresh cut! There's no better feeling." It's clear to see, the G Fadez mindset is one to inspire and appreciate. He works towards establishing several locations across North Texas, beginning with the “Grand Opening“ of his 1st location in Plano, TX.

"Make yourself appear to be the image your working towards. Eventually with hard work and dedication, it all falls into place in due time."

- G Fadez