All Appointments run on 30 Minutes intervals.

Haircut Menu

Fadez | Tapers | Shear Cut | Trims

Men's Regular Cut


Adult Men's Haircut 

Men's Cut w/ Beard


Adult Men's Regular Haircut w/ Beard

Kid's Cut


Children's Haircut (12 Years Old & Under)

Line Ups


Edge Ups (All Around)

Beard Trims

$20 & Up

Beard, Goatee & Mustache Trims



Eyebrow Clean Up


$5 & Up

Creative Hair Designs

Shave Menu

Hot Towel | Steam | Facial | Mask

Hot Towel Shave


Hot towel shaves soothe irritated skin resulting in healthy skin that is protected from itching or burning. It also helps in expelling ingrown hairs.

Facial Cleanse


Cleansing helps remove excess oil, makeup, sweat, dirt and dead skin cells from your skin. It refreshes your skin and gives your complexion a chance to breathe. It also creates a clean foundation for you to apply products like face moisturizer or makeup.

Peel Off (Black Mask)


This face mask visibly removes deep pore impurities and reduces the appearance of pore size to reveal a fresh, healthy- looking complexion.

Additional Services

Shampoo | Color | Afterhours

Shampoo Service


Cleanse the hair and scalp. An unclean scalp and dirty hair offers a breeding place for disease-producing bacteria which can lead to a scalp disorder.

Color Enhancement


Use of "Bigen" to darken hair, to match or enhance your natural hair color, to permanently and easily cover gray and to restore hair color that has been faded either by sun, chlorine, sea water or chemical processing.

Hair Relaxer


Relaxers straighten the hair by breaking the disulfide bonds within the strands, allowing them to be physically manipulated and rearranged.

House Calls


On call after-hours services on remote locations (we come to you).

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